Since 2006, BWD Engineering has been 100% focused on design and construction of Onsite Wastewater Systems (Septic Systems) that fall under the BC Provincial Sewerage System Regulation (SSR). This focus allows us to be leaders in all aspects of septic system design, regulation and construction techniques. We use these skills to challenge the status quo producing high value, performance based, cost effective systems that meet your landscaping and lifestyle needs. This results oriented approach, creatively using proven standards of practice, ensures the design is cost effective, long lasting and retains the value in your property.


To be the go-to organization for the highest performance and best value Products, Services and Information in the Onsite Wastewater Industry in BC.

Core Values

Our primary value is Fairness which permeates through all other values
We Listen and Hear what customers truly need and deliver just that
We are Open to and Share all possibilities
With Respect for all

Current Community Involvement